Shoreline Eldercare Alliance, or SEA, is a group of ethical business owners and representatives of area organizations who provide senior adults and community members with information, resource referrals, education, and quality professional services.

    At SEA, our members strive to raise public awareness of issues important to older adults, families, and community members.

    The Alliance is an advocacy group for elders and a compass to help people navigate both the stormy waters of aging and the healthcare services maze.

    SEA offers many services, including Home Sale and Improvement, Financial Planning, Daily Money Management, Long-term and Hospice Care, Geriatric Care Management, and Home Care Services.

    For a full list of SEA’s services, see our Services page.

  • SEA Invites You To Sharpen Your Mind

  • The Shoreline Eldercare Alliance (SEA) invites all to
    Sharpen Your Mind
    Thursday March 12th at 5:30pm
    Madison Senior Center
    Bradley Road
    Madison, CT
    with Ken Steller, M.S., M.A.
    Ken is the creator of “Pumping Neurons,”
    a mental fitness program based on current research in the neurosciences.
    Light refreshments served.